If traveling or running an errand for your workplace, it may be more convenient to use your personal vehicle. However, if a burglary or accident occurs while you are driving for business purposes, your vehicle may not be covered under personal auto insurance. While it is generally not recommended to use your personal vehicle for business, some policies allow you to have full coverage if you encounter a problem.

Muller Insurance provides auto insurance in Hoboken and Jersey City, NJ. Here, we discuss the difference between personal auto and commercial vehicle insurance and what you can do to gain full coverage.

What Is Personal Auto Insurance?

Personal auto insurance is required for all drivers in most states and is designed to cover your vehicle for individual needs, such as going to the grocery store or taking a road trip. If you get into an accident, personal car insurance ensures you are covered for damages and medical expenses. It may also cover any damage to property resulting from the accident. If your car is stolen, personal car insurance protects your investment.

What Is Business Auto Insurance?

Business vehicle insurance, or commercial auto insurance, covers all business-related travel in your vehicle. Since business transportation often is more extensive and frequent than personal travel, business auto insurance may be more expensive than personal policies.

In most states, vehicles used for company purposes must be covered under business auto insurance. This requirement ensures protection for the driver and other parties involved in the motor vehicle accident. Commercial auto insurance can also protect vans, trucks, or other business vehicles.

Business car insurance is a great option for self-employed individuals. It can also be ideal for those who carry expensive tools and equipment in their car or commercial vehicle. In both cases, it delivers peace of mind if the vehicle is damaged in an accident or stolen.

When Can Business Travel Be Covered Under Personal Car Insurance?

Select personal car insurance policies cover business use, typically with stipulations attached. Occasional work trips to meet with clients may qualify for protection under personal auto insurance, as well as the daily commute to your workplace, provided it is one location.

However, if you have to take frequent work trips, or if you travel to another area to pick up supplies or goods, you likely will not receive coverage under personal car insurance. In addition, personal car insurance does not cover vehicle use during delivery service jobs, such as pizza delivery or DoorDash. It also does not protect Uber or Lyft drivers if they get into accidents. Instead, you’ll want to register your vehicle for commercial auto insurance.

Many companies do not cover business vehicles under a personal vehicle insurance plan because business-use vehicles typically are on the road more often than personal-use vehicles, increasing the likelihood they will get into an accident. This also is why business vehicle insurance is more expensive than personal car insurance.

Which Policy Should I Choose?

Before deciding on the right vehicle insurance policy, it can be beneficial to discuss your options with an agent. These professionals guide people in finding the best insurance policies based on their unique circumstances and needs. They also may assist you in bundling insurance to give you coverage benefits.

Working with an independent insurance agent at Muller Insurance provides many advantages when it comes to finding the perfect combination of insurance policies. We have access to a variety of insurance policies from multiple companies and work diligently to help you locate sufficient coverage at an affordable price.

You also may want to add extra policies to your basic personal car insurance policy. The standard personal car insurance policy won’t cover everything in the case of an emergency. Individuals can choose from many optional add-on insurance policies. For example, there may be additional insurance policies for ride-sharing vehicles like Uber or Lyft. Add-ons for collisions, vandalism, theft, weather, and glass coverage if windows and windshields become cracked or damaged also are available.

Personal Auto Insurance at Muller Insurance

If you are in Hoboken or Jersey City, NJ, or the surrounding areas, let Muller Insurance help you find the right personal auto insurance coverage. We have spent decades building our reputation for client-centered service in the communities we serve. Whether you’re looking for personal or commercial auto insurance, our insurance agents will work with you to find the best coverage options for your vehicle and peace of mind. To learn more about personal auto insurance, contact us at Muller Insurance today and get a quote.

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