Jewelry, Fine Arts & Other Collections

Insurance for Jewelry, Fine Arts and Other Collectibles in New Jersey

Anything valuable enough to treasure for personal and/or financial reasons is worth insuring. At Muller Insurance we are here to help you get the coverage you need, in the amount you need. We offer policies through our insurance company associations that will cover all your treasures.

Appraisals aren’t always needed.

In some cases, for items valued at less than $50,000, appraisals aren’t needed. When appraisals are required for higher-priced items, we will help you through the process so that your valuables are fully protected for the right amount.

Jewelry is usually the first thing that comes to mind when securing extra insurance. And it certainly is a good idea, especially since standard homeowners or renters insurance is not likely to cover high-end pieces outright. But it is a good idea to think about what other valuables needed protected. These could include:

  • Fine Arts (paintings, prints, sculptures, art deco/are nouveau lamps, fixtures, etc.)
  • Antiques (furniture or other items)
  • Fine Wine Collections
  • Unique Collections (books, sports memorabilia, vintage posters, record alums, etc.)

Trends to Watch in Art and Jewelry

Chubb’s Fine Art & Jewelry team closely monitors trends and shifts in the international art and jewelry market, so that they can provide you with insights and better meet your protection needs. Recently, their team had the privilege of attending two of the nation’s top art and antique fairs to see the latest trends and emerging themes.

Art Miami

Art Miami 2018 – As a premier sponsor of Art Miami, Chubb attended this top modern and contemporary art fair and set up an on-site interactive booth in which local and world-renowned artists created artwork, live and in real-time.

Learn what they discovered over this amazing six-day event.

The Winter Show 2019

The Winter Show 2019 – With all proceeds going to New York’s East Side House Settlement, The Winter Show is one of Chubb’s all-time favorite events. For 23 years, they’ve sponsored this leading art, antiques, and design fair. This year, Chubb looked for trends in jewelry collecting.

Read about the expert panel Chubb sponsored, and the jewelry insights they gathered at the fair.


Muller Insurance is here to help.

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