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Stillwater is a seasoned mix of talented insurance industry professionals. They bring out the best in each other to provide bigger and better solutions to their customers’ and agents’ needs. They serve customers in all 50 states, providing a suite of essential personal insurance products, and a growing line of commercial products.

What You’ll Love About Stillwater

Their reputation rivals any in the insurance industry. They have earned an “A-” rating from AM Best, reflecting our “Excellent” financial strength; and “A” rating from Demotech, Inc., reflecting their “Exceptional” financial stability; and an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau, reflecting their commitment to transparency, responsiveness, integrity and delivering on the promises they make.

Home Insurance

Simply put, a homeowners policy should make you financially “whole” again if your home is damaged or destroyed by events like fire or storm, or is burglarized.

Personalize your coverage to match your needs
With Stillwater, you and your agent can build a policy that’ll help you stay financially whole if the unthinkable happens.

Choose a deductible that fits your budget
The deductible—which you choose when you buy a policy —is the amount you have to pay before the insurance company starts to pay for a covered loss.
Generally speaking, the higher the deductible you choose, the lower your premium.

Renters Insurance

Why renters insurance?
Add it up, and you might have thousands of dollars worth of possessions in your apartment … maybe even more.

Customize a policy just for you
A Stillwater Renters policy reimburses you for damaged or stolen possessions, and more.

Condo Insurance

Insuring a condo actually means thinking about two policies.
First, there’s your homeowners association’s policy. It usually covers spaces with shared responsibility: for instance, the lobby, pool and pool house, plus the exterior walls and roof. Your association fee helps cover the cost of this policy.

Then, there’s your policy—the one you’re shopping for. It needs to cover not only your belongings, but the spaces for which you have sole responsibility. That usually includes your unit’s interior walls, floors, ceilings and everything within them. It also needs to protect you if you’re liable for another’s injury or property damage. A Stillwater Condominium policy offers this—and much more.

Landlord Insurance

Protection for your rental property investment
Stillwater Landlord Insurance is ideal for owners of non-commercial rental homes. Providing some of the same benefits as a homeowners policy, it’s primarily for property you own and rent to others.

Auto Insurance

Buying auto insurance
Stillwater offers more than just competitive rates. We offer quality, value and outstanding service.

Get quality coverage*, personalized to your needs
With Stillwater, you and your agent can build an affordable policy with coverages and limits … that help you drive confidently.

Business Insurance

One insurance package … for the coverage you need
A Stillwater Business Owners Policy is a package of essential coverages for small to medium sized companies like yours. It insures your business’s buildings or equipment and provides basic liability insurance. It even helps you maintain your income if a fire or other incident interrupts your business.

Umbrella Insurance

Added peace of mind
Chances are, you have better things to think about than insurance. An affordable and flexible Stillwater Umbrella policy gives you added peace of mind …
so you don’t have to.

Why Umbrella?
Umbrella is an additional—often essential—layer of personal liability protection for you and your family. It supplements your auto, home, renters, recreational vehicle or watercraft insurance.

Earthquake Insurance

Added protection and confidence
Earthquake insurance picks up where your other property insurance leaves off: It covers damage that’s a direct result of seismic activity. This damage is typically not covered by a Homeowners, Condominium, Renters or Landlord policy.

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Everything they do is designed to deliver smart, fast and strong services that make life easier for their customers. They work hard, every day, to earn that respect. In short, they aim to do what’s right. Always.

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