Insurance may seem boring to some—but we need it to protect our homes, cars, boats, property—and even our life and health. When we purchase insurance, we assume we’re protecting our livelihood from typical encounters—a falling tree, a flood after a hurricane, a fire, theft. But, some U.S. insurance customers have needed coverage for some bizarre events:

  1. Turns out, cars and goats both have horns! A man honked the horn of his sports car at a pack of goats that were in his way. Unfortunately, the goats used their horns against the side of his car. Luckily, his comprehensive auto insurance covered the damage.
  2. Do you forgo coverage on your expensive jewelry? You might reconsider when you hear about the goose that swallowed a U.S. woman’s diamond ring and then flew away. Jewelry insurance can cover even that.
  3. Are you getting married soon? Wedding coverage might seem silly … but at one wedding, a bride’s wedding gown caught fire—and then her groom threw her into the water to extinguish the flames. Wedding dresses are expensive, and a simple wedding policy could come in handy.
  4. A motivational speaker invited an audience member up to the stage for an exercise that involved the audience member breaking a wooden board with their bare hands. Unfortunately, the audience member injured their hand. But, the speaker’s insurance was able to cover the injury.

Accidents—and encounters with wildlife—just happen. And, it never can hurt to see if your insurance policies cover you if something bizarre (and costly) happens.

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