People often buy a policy for their car, a separate one for their home, and yet another when they make a major purchase, like a boat or fine art. While this strategy might seem convenient and cost-effective, it often results in a patchwork of mismatched policies from different insurers – with a calendar full of different renewal and payment dates to keep track of.

However, did you know you can bundle your policies together? With a combined insurance policy, you gain the convenience of a single provider, as well as take advantage of better savings and sound advice. Muller Insurance explains the benefits of a combined insurance policy to help you make an informed decision.

What Does Bundling Mean?

When you bundle your insurance policies, you are purchasing multiple types of coverage from a single provider. No two combined insurance policies are exactly the same, as they vary depending on your unique needs. However, combined policies often include a mixture of the following insurance:

  • Auto, boat, motorcycle, or RV
  • Home, condo, or renters
  • Jewelry and fine art
  • Umbrella

The Convenience of a Single Provider

One benefit of bundling insurance is convenience. When all your policies are bought from a single provider, you’ll no longer have to manage payments with several different companies. Instead, there is only one company to worry about and often one renewal date.

Combined insurance policies also make for less of a hassle in the event that several of your covered assets are damaged at once. For instance, if a storm breaks your home’s windows, damages your car, and floods your property, you won’t need to worry about multiple phone numbers and claim forms. You’ll only have one number to call and a simplified claim process.

Discounts and Benefits

Not only does bundling save you stress and hassle, but it can also save you money. Most providers offer discounts when you bundle. This means it’s often less expensive to insure your home, car, and motorcycle together, for example, than it would be to buy each policy separately. In fact, Muller Insurance’s combined policies can trim up to 30 percent off your total insurance costs – significant savings to take advantage of.

Quality Advice

When you buy insurance policies together, your agent can see the bigger picture of your assets and finances. This means they have a better perspective on your needs. When you ask your agent for advice, they can give you feedback that takes all factors into account. With a combined policy, you’ll have access to quality financial advice from someone with a better understanding of your needs.

Bundle Today With Muller Insurance

Bundling insurance policies is a great way to eliminate hassle and stress, save money, and gain access to advisors who see the big picture of your financial situation – not just parts of it. For a combined policy from a provider you can trust, contact Muller Insurance, which covers families, businesses, and individuals in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and 26 other states. To learn more or get started, request a free quote today.

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