Top Considerations for Insuring a Hair Salon

Beauty and wellness are valued all over the world, and so are the businesses that provide them. Opening a beauty salon is often a great investment, but regardless of your efforts to protect your business, accidents still happen. Before they do, make sure you’re protected. Here, Muller Insurance provides advice to consider when shopping for hair salon insurance.

What Kind of Salon Do You Run?

Salon insurance may seem straightforward. In reality, however, not all salons offer the same services. To make sure your salon is properly protected, it’s essential to think about the services you offer and talk to an agent who can tailor your policy. The following types of businesses have varying needs which all must be considered:

Nail salons

The sharp tools and strong chemicals used in manicures and pedicures can sometimes lead to injuries and lawsuits. If offering these services, invest in extra professional liability and workers’ compensation to ensure everyone is protected in case of injury.

Hair salons and barbershops

Hairstylists and barbers often struggle with drainage systems that easily get clogged with hair. For this kind of shop, a drain and sewer backup policy gives you some additional protection in case of a backup.


Beauty and wellness spas make heavy use of candles, heated stones, hot wax, and similarly heated items. If your salon is like this, then bump up your fire liability insurance in case of a knocked-over candle or too-hot massage stone.

Beauty salons

If you deal with procedures that make heavy use of equipment like tanning beds, microblading tools, airbrushes, curling irons, and more, you may be concerned about mechanical breakdown. Additional coverage can protect you in case your gadgets falter.

Commonly Excluded Services

When a business offers services that are untested, invasive, or come with higher risks, it may become too risky to insure. Agencies are likely to exclude that service from the policy, meaning you aren’t protected from lawsuits if someone gets hurt or isn’t happy with the service. A few spa and salon services that are often excluded include:

  • Tanning and airbrush services
  • Hair implants and transplants
  • Eyelash dye and coloring
  • Massage therapy
  • Red light therapy
  • Electrolysis

Offering these services doesn’t mean you can’t get coverage, though. You may have to pay extra for liability, so talk to your agent if you think offering these services will give you trouble.

Do You Sell Beauty Products?

Selling beauty products on the premises can come with some added risks. If your business becomes victim to a fire, for instance, then you risk losing your inventory, along with any other property damage that occurs. In addition, if there is a manufacturing flaw in any of your products, you might be held liable for resulting damages – even if you didn’t make the product. Protect yourself and your products by investing in additional property coverage and product liability insurance.

Learn the Limits of Your Insurance

When you own a salon, it’s essential to consider your services carefully while shopping for insurance. Serving New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and many other states, Muller Insurance is a privately-owned agency that can help you find and tailor a policy to suit your needs. To learn more about hair salon insurance, contact us today.

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