A condo association is the governing body that oversees operations at a condominium. It’s made up of elected board members that are tasked with certain duties and responsibilities. If you live in a condo, it’s important to be aware of those responsibilities, so that you can be prepared. For more details regarding condo association responsibilities, consider this brief overview from Muller Insurance.

The Role of a Condo Association

A condo association has many jobs, but first and foremost, they have to represent the condo owners. Their primary goal is to create and maintain a positive, safe place for them to live. That’s why at every condominium, a document is created called the condo association bylaws. It’s up to the board members to ensure those bylaws are acting in the best interest of the condo owners.

Other condo association responsibilities may include:

  • Hire and monitor personnel
  • Purchase homeowner’s association insurance
  • Establish and enforce rules
  • Investigate inquiries and problems
  • Penalize violations
  • Respond to any concerns condo owners may have
  • And more…

Building Maintenance Responsibilities

Because a single condo unit is part of a larger complex, the association has certain responsibilities in regard to building maintenance. While every condo association follows a different set of bylaws, in general, all common areas fall under their responsibility. This includes things like lobbies, hallways, elevators, green space, playgrounds and more. They must repair, replace and maintain those common areas to maintain a safe, attractive environment.

On the other hand, the condo owners are responsible for repairing, replacing and maintaining everything in their individual unit. This is why both the association and the condo owner need to have insurance, as coverage will vary based on specific areas of a complex.

Navigating Gray Areas

For some areas of a condo, it’s not clear whether the condo owner or the association should be responsible. Ceilings, walls, fences, chimneys, skylights—these are all things that can be considered “gray areas.” The bylaws should outline whether damages to these areas are covered or not. It’s up to the condo owner to read and understand the bylaws, so they’re not met with any surprises later on.

Need Condo Insurance?

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