Business owners sometimes wonder whether commercial auto insurance will cover the personal use of vehicles. Most policies cover personal use but often add conditions. It is important to understand these specifications to avoid facing liability and high costs. Muller Insurance handles auto insurance in Hoboken and Jersey City, NJ. Here, we review some common assets of personal use for commercial auto insurance.

What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Generally Cover?

Those who have commercial auto insurance are typically business owners or employers who require vehicle use as part of their daily operations. Commercial auto insurance policies usually cover insurance amounts and usage that would not normally be available under an individual’s auto insurance policy.

In general, commercial auto insurance does not cover employees who use their own vehicles for work purposes. However, if you utilize the company vehicle for personal activities outside of its primary business use, the policy may still cover the cost of damages. Some situations in which a commercial auto insurance policy may offer personal use coverage include:

  • Comprehensive insurance: This coverage encompasses damage to a work vehicle from accidents such as fire, vandalism, flood, and theft.
  • Collision insurance: If you are hit by another vehicle while driving the work vehicle for commercial or personal use, collision insurance delivers coverage.
  • Personal injury: This covers medical expenses for you and the passengers in your car as a result of a qualifying accident. New Jersey is a state that requires PIP (personal injury protection) for auto insurance. Check to see if you are in a no-fault state and if PIP is required for you.
  • Bodily injury liability: This coverage pays for potential injuries that affect another person.

While different providers may feature specific policies in their commercial auto insurance plan most share these coverage policies or similar ones. Overall, a commercial auto insurance policy usually covers company employees, family members, and others as drivers. For instance, if someone drives a commercial vehicle regularly, even if they are not an employee, they should be added to the commercial auto insurance policy.

Who Needs Commercial Auto Insurance?

You may be wondering whether commercial auto insurance is necessary for you. As mentioned, most people who have a vehicle or multiple vehicles for completing business-related tasks, aside from commuting to and from the workplace, should consider commercial auto insurance. Some instances where commercial auto insurance is beneficial include:

  • You transport goods or people for a fee in your vehicle
  • You conduct a service with your vehicle
  • Employees operate the vehicle
  • Ownership of the vehicle is in the name of a corporation
  • You transport and carry considerable weight in tools or equipment for carrying out operations
  • You tow a trailer with your vehicle for work
  • Employees operate the vehicle

If you want a coverage policy that also includes personal policies, you should first make sure you have a specified plan. When speaking with your provider, express that you need a commercial auto insurance plan that features additional coverage conditions related to personal use.

Find a Specialized Commercial Auto Insurance Provider in Your Area 

Having an insurance agent who specializes in commercial and personal auto insurance is of great value for those operating business vehicles. While you can seek both types of coverage from many providers, insurance agents who specialize in these fields are better suited to help navigate the complexities of commercial auto insurance.

At Muller Insurance, our history and reputation for delivering comprehensive insurance tailored to our clients’ unique needs span decades. We continually investigate applicable bundling opportunities for our clients to help them save money. Individuals in Hoboken and Jersey City, NJ, looking for a commercial auto insurance provider who offers personal add-ons should consider the experienced agents at Muller Insurance.

Besides commercial auto insurance, we also provide other types of coverage to clients throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and other states. We also work with several companies to find you a specialized policyholder in your area. Contact us today to learn more about commercial auto insurance and personal use coverage or to get a quote.

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