With the rise in popularity of work-from-home jobs, many people may be wondering about the implications for their homeowner’s insurance. While working from home may not seem to impact your homeowner’s insurance, it can be helpful to update your policy or take out an additional policy directly related to working from your home. Muller Insurance serves clients in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and other states. Here, we discuss homeowner’s insurance for those who work from home.

Insurance Repercussions of Working From Home

When your home doubles as your workplace, it is important to revisit the details of your policy. Since working from home has not always been a common practice, it is atypical for homeowner’s insurance policies to cover work-related damages or incidents. Although this could become a coverage factor in the future due to the growing popularity of remote work, it is best to adjust accordingly to your individual policyholder’s details.

You may be wondering how homeowner’s insurance could affect your work-from-home job in the first place. Well, some potential repercussions to consider may include:

  • Business equipment damages: If you are a remote employee and you accidentally damage your work computer or another work-owned item, it is unlikely that your home insurance would cover the damages.  
  • Theft: If your home is broken into and your work items, including laptops, headsets, tablets, or other technological devices, are stolen, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover you because the items are not personal belongings.
  • Injury: Since homeowner’s policies usually have liability exclusions for bodily injury and property damage arising from business-related activities, you may not be covered if you are injured while working in your home.

Given the uncertainty between homeowners and business coverage that comes with working from home, it is wise to update your homeowner’s insurance policy when you begin a remote work situation.

What Should I Do About My Homeowner’s Insurance if I Work from Home?

If you have recently begun working from home and are concerned about your insurance policy, it is best to contact your provider. Since some providers may offer specific policies and adaptations for those working from their homes, individuals should contact their current policyholders to learn more about their options. According to the specifics of your work-from-home situation, most insurance policies should entail:

Self-Employed Individuals Working from Home  

If you are an independent contractor working from your home, such as a small business owner or daycare provider, or you are running any type of business from your home, you will need a separate insurance policy. Whether working a part-time or full-time schedule, self-employed individuals should always have a specified business insurance policy in addition to their homeowner’s policy.

Full-Time Employees Working from Home

If you are an employee working from home, your employer likely has business liability insurance. This means that your employer should have insurance set up to cover any potential accidents, injuries, and other incidents that might happen on your property while working. You should always discuss this with your employer to confirm that they have insurance coverage for these scenarios. If they do not, you should consider endorsements to add to your insurance policy.

Find a Trusted Insurance Provider Near You

Working at home brings a host of conveniences, but also some challenges — particularly when it comes to insurance. If you are searching for a new insurance provider or are considering add-ons to your current homeowner’s insurance plan, look no further than Muller Insurance. As an independent insurance agent, we provide reputable and knowledgeable coverage for residents and business owners in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and other states.

Muller Insurance is dedicated to helping you find peace of mind through your homeowner’s insurance plan, especially for those working from home. With decades of building a solid reputation, Muller Insurance can find you bundling opportunities, such as homeowner’s insurance with work-from-home endorsements. Additionally, the coverage we provide often comes at a more affordable cost than options from other providers. For more information, explore our local partners in your area, or get a quote today.

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