There are certain things that you may purchase once and never think about again—pet rocks, parachute pants, Troll dolls and bedazzled anything. However, your insurance policies shouldn’t be something that you buy and forget about until you need to file an insurance claim.

Your life isn’t stagnant, so your insurance policies shouldn’t be either. A variety of factors can affect a policy’s coverage and the premium you pay.

For homeowner policy premiums, this can include if you:

  • have a dog or a wood-burning stove,
  • made home improvements,
  • started a home-based business,
  • got married, or
  • made any past insurance claims.

For car insurance premiums, this can include:

  • your age,
  • the car’s make and model,
  • your driving record,
  • yearly mileage, and
  • your ZIP code.

Additional factors also can affect any other insurance policies that you may have.

You also can affect the premiums you pay by adjusting the types and amounts of coverage on your various insurance policies. If you are looking for ways to reduce your insurance premiums, it might seem like dropping or reducing coverage is an easy way to save some money now, but it might end up costing you even more should you have to submit a claim later.

So much can affect your insurance coverage and your insurance premiums—you shouldn’t be expected to know them all, and determine your coverage limits, deductibles and premiums without advice.

That’s why we are here. If you have questions about the insurance policies you have with our agency, we can review them with you to help ensure that you have the coverage you need, as your life changes. And, if you have insurance policies with another agency or company, we’d be happy to look those over with you, too.

Enjoy your life as it goes forward. We’ll be there to help you insure the changes.

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