You need to stay proactive about hazards that may cause slips and falls. We all know the warning signs: spilled drinks or food on the floor, uneven grounds; clutter, grounding wires and more. But, what happens when the ground you walk on has the potential to become dangerous? This is why we should be especially cautious during the winter months.

In the unfortunate event that a slip-and-fall accident happens on your property, we have some tips on how it can best be handled:

  • Do your best to keep your property slip-free. If a hazard does exist, be sure it is labeled as such. In the winter, make sure your property is shoveled properly and free of ice. The longer you wait to clear your property of snow, the more liable you are for an accident. If someone is injured on your property, regardless of their status (e.g., invited guest, social guest, customer, trespasser), they may be able to file a lawsuit against you—so it is best to play it safe.
  • If an accident occurs, get medical help immediately. Even if the accident didn’t look detrimental, damage from slip-and-fall accidents range from minimal to severe quickly.
  • Make sure you get a copy of the accident report. You should be fulfilling your due diligence to ensure a slip-and-fall accident does not occur on your property. If it does, make sure you get a copy of any documents filed by the person who fell.
  • Document everything. Take photos of the location where the injury occurred and get the names and contact information of any witnesses if possible. Following the accident, write everything that happened down as soon as you can. You want your memory to be fresh and accurate.
  • Get coverage. If you have homeowners insurance, you are covered should someone be injured on your property—unless of course, the homeowner intentionally caused the accident. If you (the homeowner) are injured from falling on your own property, a homeowners insurance policy will not provide coverage.

If you want more information on the types of insurance that will protect you and your property in the event of a slip-and-fall accident, give our agency a call. We can help you figure out if you have enough insurance coverage.

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