It’s important to invest in a home security system to protect yourself, your family, your pets and your valuables from an intruder. But, myriad homeowners do not own a home security system, and for various reasons.

Here are some myths about home security that may make you think twice:

Myth: Home security is too expensive.

The real: While there are some upfront costs for home security, such as installation and equipment, the average homeowner with home security spends about $30 per month on his security system. That’s only a dollar a day to protect you, your favorite people and pets, and your belongings.

Myth: A dog will suffice.

The real: Dogs can help alert you if there’s an intruder. They even could protect you. But they also could get hurt, and they can’t call 911 for you. It’s better to use a home security system.

Myth: An intruder could just cut the line.

The real: Actually, many newer security systems are wireless, so intruders can’t cut the line. This also means that you don’t need a landline to have a home security system, and you’re more likely to remain protected if your power goes out.

Myth: You don’t need a home security system because you live in a safe neighborhood.

The real: Neighborhoods always are safe until they aren’t. Haven’t you noticed how, whenever something scary happens, people say, “This is the last place you’d expect something like this to happen.”?

Myth: Anything stolen can be replaced.

The real: Sure, material possessions are replaceable. But the psychological and emotional effects of a break-in are devastating. There’s no guarantee that your sense of safety ever will be replaced.

Myth: Burglars aren’t deterred by home security systems.

The real: Actually, 60% of convicted burglars said they would look for another house if they saw signs of a home security system, and 50% said they would stop an attempted break-in if they found evidence after they started their burglary.

Myth: Home security is hard to use.

The real: Today’s systems require little to no wiring, which means there’s not much a homeowner needs to do to install the system. It’s simple and common for a homeowner to purchase and install a home security system in a single day. Many newer ones are wireless and connect to your smart phone—you’ll be able to monitor and control your security system when you’re not home. They also are removable, so if you move, you can take it with you.

Myth: Having a home security system doesn’t affect homeowners insurance.

The real: Actually, most homeowners insurance companies offer a 2-15% discount on homeowners insurance policies if you can provide proof of the home security system.

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