As a property manager or building owner, you have a number of responsibilities to your tenants. Among those responsibilities, safety is of the utmost importance. If you’re reviewing and improving the safety of your property, consult this checklist of apartment building safety requirements from Muller Insurance as part of your assessment. Not sure you have the appropriate insurance coverage in place? Contact us today to learn more about our offerings for apartment buildings.

Common Areas

Your apartment building safety requirements involve all common areas. This includes parking lots and garages, pools, playgrounds, sidewalks, hallways, fitness centers, mailrooms and any other shared spaces in your building. If any of the items on this checklist have been neglected, be sure to correct them as soon as possible.

  • Hallways are clear
  • Shrubs, lawn and playground are well-maintained
  • Common areas are well-lit
  • There are working smoke alarms in every area
  • All smoke alarms are regularly inspected
  • All debris (loose branches, trash) is removed in a timely manner
  • Snow is properly removed
  • Security cameras and/or security staff are in place
  • Set speed limit is posted (for complexes)
  • Pool is staffed by a trained lifeguard and is well-maintained
  • Backup generators are present and function properly
  • Communal laundry areas and other amenities are clean and working properly
  • You have complete apartment building insurance coverage, including flood insurance if needed

Individual Units

It’s important that all individual units are up to safety standards as well. As you inspect individual units during your review, be sure to confirm or correct all of the following.

  • Decks and railings are secure, not loose or rotten
  • Windows and doors have working locks and are in good condition
  • No grills are in use on decks
  • Tenants have been encouraged to purchase appropriate renters insurance
  • There are working fire alarms inside the individual units and they are inspected regularly
  • You have an on-call emergency number for tenants to report emergency maintenance issues
  • All maintenance issues are taken care of correctly and quickly by a professional
  • A system is in place to monitor and enforce all apartment building rules and policies

Protect Your Apartment Building with Insurance

Damage to your property can occur even when you make safety a top priority. Make sure you’re prepared in the event of an accident or emergency by safeguarding your investment with apartment building insurance. To learn more about coverage options and available policies, contact Muller Insurance to speak with an agent today.

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