Residents of New York State may have noticed the recent rise in auto insurance costs. Auto insurance rates are expected to rise by 8.4% across the United States through 2023. So, how are drivers expected to cope with these increased rates? Muller Insurance is an independent insurance agency that provides policies from numerous insurance companies for clients in New York and many other states. Here, we explain why auto insurance quotes are up in New York and what consumers can do about it.

The Cause of Increased Auto Insurance Quotes

The reasons car insurance companies have begun to raise their rates can be attributed to several factors. Many drivers can expect to receive higher quotes than normal due to the following:

Higher Costs for Vehicles and Auto Parts

The prices of automobiles continue to rise. Therefore, cars are becoming more expensive to repair. In addition, replacement or spare auto parts are much more difficult to locate because of supply shortages. With higher initial prices and a lack of availability, repair costs are up, meaning insurance companies are paying out higher amounts for claims across the board. To account for this, insurance companies have raised their rates.

Return to the Office

With more travelers back on the road following the COVID-19 pandemic, car accidents and claims have gone up. With more people driving, there is a higher risk of getting into an accident. This is another reason car insurance rates are being increased.

Climate Change

Climate change is impacting several sectors, including auto insurance. With the Northeast experiencing more severe storms, drivers are reporting more instances of car damage caused by flooding, snow, and other weather-related accidents. As New York faces more extreme weather, car insurance rates can be expected to increase to match the higher risk of damage.

What You Can Do About Rising Rates

As auto insurance rates increase, drivers are looking for ways to save. Luckily, there are things you can do to account for the recent rise in rates, such as:

Improve Your Credit Score

Believe it or not, insurance companies in New York use your credit score as a factor to determine insurance rates. The difference between poor credit and good credit can drastically change the amount you’re paying for coverage.

Adjust Coverage Based on Needs

Drivers who take a look at their policies may notice they are paying for premiums they don’t necessarily need. Adjusting your coverage can help you save a significant amount of money on car insurance. See what optional coverages you are paying for and determine whether they are a necessity or a luxury to have. Removing coverage you don’t need is a great way to lower your bill.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes With an Independent Agent

One of the most effective tactics for receiving the most affordable coverage is comparing quotes. Even for the same driver, quotes can vary across companies. Muller Insurance is an independent insurance agent that represents numerous insurance companies and can find you the best quote. Additionally, Muller Insurance also can suggest other ways to save on auto coverage.

Discover Affordable Coverage With Muller Insurance

For decades, Muller Insurance has worked to build a strong reputation in the insurance community, providing clients in New York as well as New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and other states with the most affordable auto insurance rates. Our agents work closely with the most trusted providers, including:

For more insurance tips or to learn more about how Muller Insurance can help you receive the best auto insurance quotes, contact us today.

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