Insurance Responsibilities of Barbershops

Barbers sometimes work alone, rent a chair in a salon, or hire their own employees at a shop. Whatever the case, it’s up to barbering business owners to ensure customers, employees, and assets are protected from damages and liability. Muller Insurance, which insures barbershops in New Jersey and other states, explains barbershop insurance and the responsibilities owners have in terms of coverage.

A Positive Experience for Guests

Every business establishment wants to promise its clients a positive experience. While an unpleasant occurrence may drive the customer away, an injurious one can lead to lawsuits. Maybe a customer slips in a product spill or on a pile of cut hair. Perhaps your employee fails to follow the instructions and causes a chemical burn. Because you’re responsible for your premises, you can be sued for negligence in situations like these, and you need the right coverage.

A general liability policy can cover the cost of a lawsuit. It’ll pay for the legal fees and a portion of the payout up to the policy’s limit. If you’re worried the general policy isn’t enough to cover your responsibility, umbrella insurance is a wise investment that will protect you the rest of the way.

The Safety of Your Workers

Your clients aren’t the only ones who can get injured while at your barbershop. Your employees spend all day there, navigating wet floors and crowds of customers. They cut and style hair with sharp tools and hot irons. Many of them may also work closely with caustic chemicals, like unmixed hair dyes or cleaning solvents. As careful and experienced as they may be, there’s still a chance of injury or damages.

As the owner, you are responsible for maintaining a safe workplace. This also means you’re required to pay the medical costs and lost income when an employee gets hurt or sick on the job. Luckily, workers’ compensation insurance can cover those costs so your employee can heal and get back behind the chair.

Safe and Effective Products

Your barbershop might not only offer haircuts but also sell products. It’s a great way to boost income and help customers get the hair supplies they need. When you sell a product, however, your customers trust your word that it’s safe to use. If it’s not safe, you’re the one held responsible – even if it isn’t your fault. Product liability insurance can protect you against lawsuits when a manufacturer’s error or chemical imbalance renders a product dangerous.

At Muller Insurance, we offer professional liability coverage to hairdressers and barbers. It is a separate coverage that must be added to your policy, but it’s a worthwhile investment, as it covers you in the event that a client gets hurt from the chemicals used or their hair turns to an unwanted color.

Secure Information Systems

No matter how you store information, you’re responsible for keeping it secure. This is especially crucial when you store it digitally, which is more common than not in this era of information technology. Instead of risking a breach, protect your records – and your liability – with insurance that will guard against the costs associated with leaks of data and personal information.

Insurance You Can Rely On

Finally, as a business owner, it’s your responsibility to insure your business. Part of that responsibility is finding an agent who you can rely on and trust to find the policy your business needs. At Muller Insurance, we have generations of experience tailoring policies to suit our clients throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and other states. Find out more about barbershop insurance by contacting us today.

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