Insuring Your Secondary Country or Beach House

Whether it’s hidden out in the countryside, high in the mountains, or down by the sea, owning a second home as a getaway is a real joy. However, like your primary residence, you have to insure your secondary home so you’ll have peace of mind even in case of disaster. Sometimes, secondary home insurance can vary wildly from the homeowners insurance policy you have on your primary residence. How do you wade through the differences and properly insure your secondary home? Muller Insurance explains.

Check Your Existing Policy

In some cases, your current homeowners insurance policy may already offer some degree of coverage for a secondary home. This is not very common, though, and even if you have this, it can leave you with gaps in your coverage. This is especially true if you own or are thinking of buying property near a shoreline.

If your existing policy doesn’t cover a secondary home, you’ll need to get a separate policy. If your primary homeowners insurance policy does cover your secondary home, then this is a great start, but you should still consider adding more coverage for complete protection of your second home.

Fill Any Gaps in Your Coverage

When searching for a secondary home policy, ensure it offers adequate protection. In most cases, a secondary home will have unique needs and be subjected to different risks compared to your primary house. That’s why, in addition to your primary policy, it’s important to consider purchasing separate policies for flood, hurricane, and earthquake insurance, especially if the home is located along the coast. Specifically, the flood insurance offered by Muller Insurance covers damages caused by rising water.

Now is also the perfect time to think about insuring your toys, too. Coverage for your boat, RV, motorcycle, or even ATV can be added to your bundle of policies. Riders can also be added to a homeowners policy to extend full coverage to valuables that normally would be subjected to limits or are simply not covered by your primary policy.

Umbrella insurance is another added protection that’s worth your while to consider, especially since owning a second home tends to come with greater risks and you don’t spend most of your time there. It greatly raises the limit on how much your policy can pay so you won’t be stuck with a huge bill even after the insurance company has paid. This is an especially great benefit in case you are ever sued for damages, as legal costs can easily exceed what your normal insurance policy will pay.

Find Peace of Mind for Your Second Home

When it comes to insurance for your secondary home, keep it protected using a custom-tailored policy that best suits your needs. Muller Insurance can help you with secondary home insurance and navigating the process of keeping your property safe and covered. Our agents have experience insuring secondary homes across New Jersey and many other states throughout the nation, and we work with over 20 different insurance companies to get the coverage you need. Contact Muller Insurance today to request a quote or learn more about secondary home insurance.

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