The weather is finally here for you to take out your all-terrain vehicle! Now is the good time to review the rules of the off-road.

ATVs require registration and liability insurance, which means your homeowners policy will not provide coverage for them. You will need a recreational vehicle policy for adequate protection.

Operators must be at least 14 years old, and they are not required to have a driver’s license. However, if the operator is under 18 years old, they need to be enrolled in the ATV Safety Institute course (, unless they only are operating an ATV at licensed special events.

Remember: it is illegal to use ATVs in state parks and forests in New Jersey. This may limit your options when it comes to finding open spaces off your own property or private property that you have obtained permission to use. However, there are some ATV parks operating in New Jersey located in Millville, Englishtown and Egg Harbor Township.

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