While having standard homeowners and auto insurance will keep you protected for the most part, there are certain areas that these policies do not cover. In fact, there are many instances that will fall outside the scope of your current insurance. It’s helpful to have umbrella insurance to provide additional coverage. Here, Muller Insurance has outlined some of the common umbrella insurance coverages included in these policies.

Owners of a Vacation Home

Having a home away from home for vacations and quick getaways is a great way to relax and detach from the world. You probably have homeowners insurance for this property already, but vacation homes have additional liability, especially if they are on the water. Unless you rent out your vacation home year-round, it will be empty for most of the year. This makes it more susceptible to theft and damage. Fires can also start more easily because people are not around to provide routine maintenance, and the lack of inhabitants can lead to more damage before help can arrive.

Protecting Your Vehicles

The quantity and types of vehicles that you own may expose you to liability past your auto insurance. Owning a luxury vehicle increases the amount of money it will take to repair or replace it in the event of an accident. This also applies to recreational vehicles like snowmobiles and four-wheelers.

Who is driving your car also matters. If you have a teenager who is just learning how to drive, you will probably need extra coverage on your policy since young drivers are more likely to be involved in crashes than any other demographic.

Lawsuit Considerations

Defending your rights is important, and you deserve to be able to pursue legal action against someone who threatens them. Defamation lawsuits are a common reason to need umbrella insurance, as they are not covered under homeowners or auto policies. If someone has slandered or libeled your character, this insurance can give you coverage as you defend your reputation.

Other lawsuits where this type of insurance is used include privacy invasions and false arrests. Conversely, if you have had a suit brought against you and must pay damages, umbrella insurance will give you financial protection as well.

Learn More Today

There is always the risk of an event that will cause your costs to extend beyond your current insurance limits. This makes umbrella insurance essential for giving coverage to these areas that are left exposed by your other policies. Muller Insurance offers comprehensive umbrella insurance policies that will keep you protected and give you peace of mind. Request a free quote online to start the process today.

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