As your independent insurance agent, we are on your side and want to ensure that you have the best coverage possible. States have certain minimum insurance coverage requirements for auto insurance. However, while you are only required by law to carry minimum coverage, we advise you to consider higher coverage for certain aspects of your policy. For instance, you might want to have more coverage for liability and uninsured motorist, depending on how often you drive (every day to work vs. occasionally); where you drive (city vs. country); or who drives your car (you vs. spouse or kids). But, regardless of driving habits, the real consideration is the potential for serious injury to you, your family or others—and your ability to sustain that kind of severity of loss.

Additionally, the minimum requirements can change over time. Currently, the New Jersey Senate has a bill in the Commerce Committee that would increase certain minimum coverage requirements for automobile insurance.

Gives us a call to help ensure your policy protects you for specific driving behaviors. We can help you figure out if you are properly insured.

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