Now is the time to prepare! The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1-Nov. 30. With winds over 75 mph, hurricanes can turn almost anything into a destructive projectile. When preparing your property for a potential hurricane, it is important to be extra cautious.

Here’s a list of things you can do to prepare your property for a storm:

  • Keep your gutters clear and have an expert examine your trees for disease and/or problem branches.
  • Install storm shutters to protect windows from breaking during a storm.
  • Replace stone or gravel landscaping with wood chips.
  • Store any lawn furniture and barbecues away so they do not become projectiles in a storm.
  • If you have a boat on a trailer, anchor it into the ground (somewhere away from your home, if you can).
  • Make sure glass doors are made of tempered glass, and covered with shutters or plywood during a storm.
  • Take photos to inventory what you have and photocopy any important documents you keep in your home. Store the photos and copied documents in a secure, second location.

Give us a call—we can help you ensure that you have the proper homeowners coverage and flood insurance policy to protect your property before a storm hits.

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