When it’s time to purchase insurance for your vehicle, you have many options. Every company and policy has something different to offer, and it can be hard to know what’s best for you. How can you make sure you choose the right policy and the right agency to back it up? To help you make the decision, Muller Insurance explains what sets good auto insurance policies apart.

Comprehensive Coverage

As an auto insurance customer, the most important question you should ask yourself is, am I covered? Reliable auto insurance should do more than just cover collision damage to your vehicle. There are plenty of other risks that you take on every day when you drive, let others use your car, or even park it in the driveway. In general, good auto insurance policies will provide the following:

  • Auto repair coverage
  • Stolen vehicle coverage
  • Liability coverage, should you be at fault in an accident
  • Medical compensation for you and your passengers
  • Roadside assistance, should your vehicle experience a failure on the road

To ensure full coverage, your agent may also recommend underinsured motorist coverage. This is an important addition to your standard policy, as it protects you from drivers who lack sufficient coverage or have no insurance at all. In these circumstances, your underinsured motorist coverage will pick up the costs not covered by the other driver’s policy.

Customer Service

Good auto insurance policies don’t just come with the coverage you need. They are also backed by support and service from a caring team that works hard to help you in the event of an accident, theft, or on-road emergency. So what else should you look for when choosing your policy?

  • Good communication: When accidents happen, you need to speak with a person, not a recording. Your agency should provide access to an agent who works closely with you when you need to make a claim, as well as before accidents occur to guide you to the right coverage. He or she should clearly communicate how much coverage you need and what your policy includes, as well as answer any questions.
  • No judgment: No one is perfect, and you’re not the only driver out there with an imperfect record. Look for an agency that provides good rates and excellent coverage no matter what your situation, from points on your license to a DUI or license suspension. They should make it clear that we all make mistakes and help you get the coverage needed to move past them.
  • Exceptional customer service: Accidents and damage to your vehicle cause stress and you need a trusted partner to walk you through the process from claim to repairs and even legal support when questions about liability arise. The best auto policies are supported with excellent customer service from friendly agents who truly care about their clients.

Learn More about Good Auto Insurance Policies

For over a century, Muller Insurance has been protecting individuals, families, and businesses from financial risk, offering high-quality insurance policies and premier customer care. As an independent agency, we work with leading insurance companies to make sure our customers get the best value with every policy. Contact us today to learn more about auto insurance, or call 201-659-2403 to speak with a representative now.

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