Renters’ insurance is a policy designed to help protect tenants who rent living space in an apartment or a house. It generally consists of a group of policies to ensure your personal property and living arrangements are covered after a loss. However, it’s important to understand that not all renters’ insurance policies are created equal.

If you’re in the market for renters’ insurance in New York and New Jersey, you want to ensure your belongings are properly cared for by asking the right questions and choosing the right policy. Here, Muller Insurance, an independent insurance agency that partners with several insurance companies, lists the questions you should be asking and how we can accommodate your needs.

What Possessions Are Covered?

What items receive coverage? This is one of the most frequently asked questions about renters’ insurance. Knowing the answer will help renters select the correct policy for them as well as understanding how to protect their belongings.

Typically, a renters’ insurance policy will cover most of your personal property. These belongings include electronics, furniture, clothing and your appliances. These items will be covered in the case of fire, theft and other covered events. Be aware, there may be limits on things such as jewelry and other high-end items. This is why it’s important to ask about them beforehand.

What About a Guest Getting Hurt In My Apartment?

Renters’ insurance not only protects belongings but people, as well. If a guest visiting your apartment or home is involved in an accident that results in injuries, they can hold you legally responsible. With renters’ insurance, you are also covered for personal liability coverage which will help you in the event a suit is brought against you if you are legally responsible to pay due to injuries for example.

Are Roommates Covered?

No, a renters’ insurance policy does not extend coverage to any other tenants living in the apartment or home unless their names are specifically included in the policy. Therefore, each occupant should inquire about their policy to cover their individual belongings.

Are Pets Covered by Renters Insurance in NY and NJ?

In many cases,  renters’ insurance  will provide coverage if your pet injures someone. In addition, renters’ insurance may cover some property damage as part of your liability coverage. However, renters’ insurance won’t cover any damage that your pet causes to the property. It’s important to discuss this with your provider to get a better understanding of how owning a pet affects your policy.

What About Floods, Earthquakes, Fires, Theft, and Other Perils?

While a standard renters’ insurance policy offers a vast amount of coverage, renters may wish to enhance their policy with additional measures. This can be especially true for tenants in specific circumstances. Additional coverage options for renters include:

What About Deductibles?

Your renters’ insurance deductible is what you are responsible to pay out of your pocket for a loss or repair that is covered by your policy. The insurance provider will pay only covered losses above your deductible. Deductibles vary based on your request.   Generally, lower your deductible is, the more your policy will cost and vice versa.

How Much Coverage Do I Need and How Do I Find the Best Policy for Me?

The level of renters’ insurance you need will be based on your current situation and predicaments. To better serve our clients and accommodate a variety of needs, Muller Insurance works with many insurance providers. You can benefit from working with an independent insurance agent by receiving the coverage that fits your needs for an affordable price. Chubb InsurancePlymouth Rock InsuranceTravelers InsuranceSafeco, and The Andover Companies rank as our premier insurance partners who offer renters’ coverage. We are also pleased to offer clients policies from the following insurance companies:

People in New York and New Jersey who wish to find the best renters’ insurance policy can get a quote or contact us today at Muller Insurance.

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