When you imagine floodwater affecting your home, you may first think of the main floor. The basement, however, often sees the worst of flooding. This is a significant problem because the basement houses some of the most important mechanical and structural elements in the home. If you’re concerned about the impact of floods on your home’s basement, Muller Insurance takes a look at what you should know to protect your investment.

Understanding Flood Insurance for the Basement

In general, flood insurance addresses damage caused by water that invades the home from outside. This includes overflowing bodies of water, as well as water from storms and spring thaws. Water damage due to plumbing problems or faulty appliances is usually covered by your homeowner’s insurance rather than flood insurance.

Basement Building Coverage

Building coverage is exactly what it sounds like – coverage for the structural elements of your home, including the basement. This part of your policy will cover the components of the basement that make the house safe, sanitary, and functional, including:

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