While they may not seem like a big deal, thunderstorms can pose just as big of an exposure as more large-scale catastrophes such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Did you know that:

  • there is an average of 25 million cloud-to-ground lightning strikes per year in the U.S.;
  • an average of 1,800 thunderstorms hit earth at any given moment; and
  • 100 lightning strikes hit the earth every second?*

While many catastrophes are localized to a specific region (e.g., coastal areas and tornado alley), thunderstorms can happen almost anywhere and to anyone. It is because of this that some insurance carriers are reporting greater losses from thunderstorms and lightning strikes than they have suffered from other known catastrophes.

Muller Insurance can help make sure that you are covered in case lightning ever strikes your home or property. If your home is damaged by lightning, you will need coverage for any repairs that may be needed. You also will need coverage if you are displaced and need to live elsewhere. Even if lightning strikes without starting a fire, the electrical surge can cause a power outage, which can lead to damaged electronics, spoiled food and other headaches for which we can make sure you are covered.

There are many ways lightning and thunderstorms can damage your property. Call Muller Insurance before unexpected bad weather hits, so we can make sure you are prepared with the proper coverage in the event of a storm.

*source: Weather.com

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