Seat belts aren’t the only safety feature your vehicle offers these days. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems such as blind spot monitoring, forward collision warning and more are continuously shaping the way we interact with our motor vehicles. Many of these complex technology systems can seem simple to understand on the surface, but they have important specifications and limitations that you must know.

Let’s say you find out your vehicle has blind-spot monitoring. It’s easy to take that new-found knowledge at face value and assume that anything that passes your blind spot will be detected. That’s not taking into account pedestrians, cyclists or other vehicles passing at high speeds. Over reliance or ignorance of ADAS systems can result in false expectations, with the risk of causing a vehicle accident.

ADAS systems have massive potential to reduce the risk of vehicle crashes, as long as they’re used correctly. This is especially important for new drivers, who often are left uneducated on how ADAS systems work; and sometimes, don’t even know that their vehicle has such technology.

You are the best line of defense against over relying or being uninformed on ADAS systems. Be sure to read your vehicle manual to learn more about what sort of technology your vehicle offers and how to use it.

Give us a call to discuss your current insurance policy if you have any questions, you may be eligible for a discount on your auto policy if your vehicle has safety features.

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