One of the most iconic real estate properties, the brownstones in New York City and New Jersey are as beautiful and charming as they are old. These historic buildings are named after the brown sandstone that was used to create these homes for single, middle-class families in the early 19th century. They feature unique architectural details not found in modern construction. Today, these homes are some of the most sought-after and expensive properties available.

Insuring your NYC or NJ brownstone home poses challenges and often requires special coverage due to its unique risks and needs. Here, Muller Insurance, an independent insurance agency that partners with several providers who specialize in insuring older homes and other historic buildings, details what you need to know when searching for coverage for a brownstone home in NYC or NJ.

Do You Need Something Beyond a Standard Homeowners or Renters Policy?

Properly protecting your brownstone will require more than the traditional home insurance policy. The same goes for tenants; a standard renters insurance policy will not fully cover you against financial losses. A brownstone requires a comprehensive insurance program that not only includes liability and property insurance, but certain enhancements, as well. This additional coverage must be included to account for the building’s unique historic architecture and age.

Given the age of these historic structures, ordinance or law coverage should be included in your property policy. This will protect you should any damage occur that results in necessary upgrades to meet current building codes during a rebuild. This add-on will help pay for these expenses, saving you from being the only one who is financially responsible.

What Insurance Do Brownstone Property Owners Need?

Brownstone property owners who rent out their units need residential apartment building coverage. This helps protect the property owner against a variety of scenarios and is essential should damages to the building result in a loss of income. This will allow you to continue to pay for ongoing expenses even if you lose revenue.

Find the Right Insurance for Your NYC or NJ Brownstone Home

As an NYC or NJ brownstone property owner, you have unique needs when it comes to proper coverage. Muller Insurance can help you receive the coverage you need to successfully protect your NYC or NJ brownstone home. Our independent insurance agency is proud to partner with several trusted insurance companies, allowing clients to get the type of coverage that meets their unique circumstances at an affordable price. Our home insurance and renters insurance policies include standard coverage, as well as additional policies.

Premier insurance providers we partner with include:

For over 100 years, our team has been helping individuals and companies better understand the insurance industry and matching them with ideal policies and coverage that meet their needs and budget. We’ve built our strong reputation through our commitment to finding the most affordable policies for our clients. We are proud to serve a range of clients in New York, New Jersey, and many other states. For more information about our insurance offerings, or to get a quote today, contact us at Muller Insurance.

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