Insurance for Apartment Buildings with Retail Outlets

Insurance for Mixed-Use Buildings

Walking down the street in any city, you’re likely to see many buildings with one or more retail stores on the ground level and apartments on top. For the owners of these mixed-use properties, it can be challenging to figure out what type of insurance coverage is needed. But Muller Insurance has years of experience insuring these types of properties and can help you get the policy you need.

Retail Insurance

Whether you own and operate the retail outlet(s) or lease it to a tenant, it’s vital to have the correct insurance policies in place. If you’re leasing, you need to make sure the tenant has a good policy with excellent liability coverage—because you don’t want to be responsible for their customers.

In general, most retail properties need the following policy coverage:

  • Protection against loss or damage to the building, the merchandise, the equipment and any interior or exterior structures, including signage, when retail property is occupied by the owner. If property is being rented, the tenant is responsible for this coverage.
  • Liability coverage in case someone gets injured on site.
  • Loss of income reimbursement.
  • Compensation for the breakdown of covered mechanical equipment and computer property.

There are many more nuances to retail insurance, and a Muller Insurance agent can help you understand which apply to you. Whether your retail store(s) sells books, clothing, gifts, sporting goods or something else, we’re here to help.

Apartment Building Insurance

To insure an apartment building, landlords need the following coverage:

  • Insurance for the building itself in case of accidental or malicious damage or loss
  • Loss of rent insurance if the building cannot be occupied due to extensive damages
  • Liability insurance to protect you in case someone gets hurt while on the premises (in common areas, not inside the individual units)
  • Sewer drain/backup coverage

Other Considerations

In addition, both residential and commercial properties need coverage from fire and natural disasters (flood insurance is exempt and needs to be purchased separately). They also need the policy to cover expenses due to building/ordinance issues as well as financial support for legal services.

If you’re using the commercial space for a café, restaurant, daycare, office or bar instead of retail, you’ll most likely require a different policy.

Let Muller Insurance Help

Navigating apartment building insurance isn’t as clear cut as other types of insurance. With an experienced insurance team on your side, you’ll be able to get all the coverage you want and need. Call Muller Insurance today at 201-659-2403 to learn more.

Apartment Building With Retail Stores


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