Mixed-use properties face unique risks that homeowners and landlords of residential-only buildings do not experience. If you own this type of building, you need to understand the basics of mixed-use property insurance to help protect yourself, as well as the responsibility of your tenants. Discover the facts on mixed-use and commercial property coverage from the experienced agents at Muller Insurance, serving New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and other states.

Mixed-Use Building Insurance And What It Entails

Just like businesses need commercial property insurance to cover their building, items, and employees, the owners of mixed-use buildings should also have protection. Accounting for various residential and retail insurance needs on multi-use properties is challenging, but the right insurance coverage can help protect you from potential risks.

It’s also important to note that while this type of building is rated based on what is in it, the businesses in the building must also obtain their own insurance. Some things to consider include: 

Assess The Building And Customize Your Policies

When you own a mixed-use building, you will have a variety of tenants. This means you will need to customize your insurance to suit the needs of each renter. Most mixed-use buildings could have several businesses beneath them, such as cafes, restaurants, and shops. Your coverage should encompass all applicable risks, depending on the type of businesses in your building.

For instance, mixed-use properties with restaurants may need additional coverage, as ovens and stoves can increase the likelihood of a fire. In this case, you will want a policy that protects you from the more plausible concerns related to these tenants.

Factor In Building Compliance

Given the multipurpose nature of mixed-use properties, following building codes can be challenging. As these regulations change, you must make adjustments and repairs to avoid non-compliance claims. Keeping up with building ordinances can be expensive, but the proper insurance can help you cover compliance-related costs. You also may want to think about workers’ compensation insurance if you have maintenance or security personnel working to keep the property safe.

Since commercial properties typically confront different risks from apartment buildings, you may not find a residential insurer to work with you on a mixed-use property. Fortunately, multiple commercial providers, such as Muller Insurance, are willing to provide tailored coverage.

Keeping these tips in mind when seeking insurance for your mixed-use or commercial property can help you secure the most effective policy. Working with an insurance agent who has experience covering multipurpose properties is also necessary to obtain adequate coverage. Experienced agents are aware of the many risks of owning these buildings and will consider your unique needs when providing recommendations.

Benefits Of Working With An Experienced Insurance Agent

Since mixed-use property owners require specific coverage that accounts for all potential issues, they need a skilled insurance agent who makes the process easier and more comfortable. At Muller Insurance, we provide customized mixed-use property insurance to numerous businesses, regardless of their size or capacity. We offer two general lines of coverage as part of our apartment building insurance, including:

  • Residential building coverage: This insurance will protect you from things such as sewer drain issues, liability for injury, and accidental or deliberate building damages.
  • Mixed-use building coverage: This commercial property insurance covers you from events such as damage to the building or structure. We develop our personalized insurance policies around the specific legal implications of each state we serve. This helps ensure customers receive the proper protection and prevents your building from violating regulations.

Count On Muller Insurance For Mixed-Use Property Insurance

At Muller Insurance, our agents have the knowledge and resources to provide mixed-use property insurance policies to building owners in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and other states. Located near the Hudson Valley in NJ, our agency actively works with more than 20 leading companies nationwide. Contact us to learn more about commercial property insurance or get a quote online today.

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