Whether your rental properties are made up of your primary business or supplement your income, they play an important role in your financial wellbeing. Protecting them with the right insurance coverage helps ensure you can rely on these streams of income, even when extreme winter storms, fires, and other disasters strike. Learn more about the benefits of agents who understand landlords’ insurance needs with insights from Muller Insurance.

Coverage for Every Type of Property

When you choose an insurance agency that is trusted by countless area landlords, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get the right coverage for your property. General tenant-occupied dwelling insurance is offered for landlords who rent single- or multi-unit buildings and includes a mix of coverages to protect your property, finances, and business. At the same time, more specialized policies are available, including:

At Muller Insurance, our knowledgeable agents will learn more about your property and suggest the best coverage for your needs, giving you peace of mind that you are protected against a variety of threats.

The Right Mix of Coverage

Protecting the physical structure of your rental property is likely top of mind. This is extremely important, and landlords need property coverage that pays for repairs to and replacement of structural elements and any common areas. Without the right level of coverage, landlords can find themselves unable to make necessary repairs or rebuild, resulting in lost tenants and the inability to generate income.

This same approach to coverage should also extend to liability. Muller Insurance can help you evaluate the appropriate level of coverage to shield you from lawsuits and expenses related to injuries or damage to property that occur on-site. Having this coverage helps ensure you won’t be forced to sell your property to meet costs and eliminates the need to dip into your personal finances.

Landlord policies include loss-of-income coverage. This coverage is extremely important when buildings and homes become uninhabitable due to damage. While you make repairs and restore habitable living conditions, your policy will replace the income lost during this period.

Clear Insights on the Nuances of Rental Property Insurance

When landlords work with Muller Insurance, we review every aspect of their policy to ensure a clear understanding of what is covered and what is not. We leverage a long history of serving landlords throughout Northern New Jersey and beyond to identify the coverage levels and types that are most appropriate to your needs. Plus, we can customize coverage to suit your requirements. Whether your property is in a flood zone or you offer furnished units and need additional coverage for these amenities, our agents will craft a policy just for you. You can even send tenants our way for renters insurance to protect their property as well.

Learn More About Landlord Insurance

Is your rental property properly insured? Make sure you have the right level of coverage for property damage, liability, loss of income, and more by requesting a quote from Muller Insurance today. With more than 100 years serving New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and 11 other states, we understand the insurance needs of landlords and provide the customer service you deserve. For more, contact us today.

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